Our little family had our first ER visit this weekend.  It was a crazy experience, and it was really emotionally draining, and I feel like I’m just now (on Tuesday night) getting over it.  But now that I’m getting over it – or at least used to the idea that This Is A Thing That Happened – I feel like I got an extra parenting merit badge for my first ER visit.

So, what happened was that I was getting ready to take the girls for a walk in my neighborhood when my former roommate (FR) called and said he was taking his (formerly our!! sad face!!) dog for a walk and did I want to join them.  Yes!  I did!  So I packed the girls up and off we went.  And after a long walk, the girls were ready to get up out of the stroller and run around – which was GREAT, because FR hadn’t seen them in a while and they’re growing and changing SO FAST, so it was fun to see him watching them.  AND THEN…

Maddy fell on a cactus.  True life.  In New Jersey.  My child fell on a cactus.  And then rolled herself over and pushed herself back to her feet, because she’s independent and doesn’t need anyone’s help.  And suddenly she was sobbing and screaming and freaking out, and I took her pants off and she was COVERED in prickles.

We speedwalked back to the car, and I drove home, and my sister-the-RN took one look at her and told me to turn around, we’re going to the ER.  So we did.  They used DUCT TAPE to pull the stickers out, and smeared her up with Bacitracin, and sent us home.

So that was my first ER experience as a parent.  It was terrible.  Go me!


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