1.5 Years

IMG_20151219_094134864_HDR.jpgAs of this month, my girls are one and a half years old.  When I made their next checkup appointment, it was for their TWO YEAR visit.  I’m kind of breaking down over here about how fast they’re growing – and believe me, they’re growing by leaps and bounds and truly starting to become tiny people with distinct personalities.  I can’t even handle it.


Their vocabularies are within inches of exploding, I can feel it.  Mostly they’re still babbling in twin – seriously, their babbling is so complex I really think it’s a language, especially coupled with the way they take turns talking & listening to one another.  But they’ve both got a bunch of words – “Boo!” (peek a boo is a favorite around here), “Sure” (the answer to literally every question I ever ask), “Thanks” (anytime anyone hands them anything, which I’m pretty proud of), “Tickle” (obviously, when they want to be or are being tickled), and “Stop it!” (usually directed at Brooklyn, but I occasionally get it if I’m offering something they don’t want), plus a handful of others.  I’m bracing myself for the torrent that’s seconds away from showing up.


While they are very interested in TV & movies (anything with music just stops them dead in their tracks), they’re more interested in playing games at the moment.  Not board or video games (yet), but games mostly of their own invention.  They chase a beach ball around the backyard or living room for what seems like hours, egging each other on in the giggle department.  They race each other up and down the bilco doors in our backyard, fight for their turn on the slide (seriously girls taking turns isn’t hard), and when it’s supposed to be naptime I hear giggles out of their room for at least a half hour before they settle, and I find e v e r y t h i n g in the gap between their cribs (teddy bears? check.  blankets? check.  socks?  check.  Books? check).  I can’t even bring myself to be annoyed when it’s so obvious that they’re building such a tight bond.



They’re also becoming great mimics (ahem they may or may not occasionally say “shit”).  Right now their two favorite things are: 1) a pair of high heeled princess shoes inherited from their older cousin, and 2) pretending everything and anything is a phone.  Everything – my actual cell phone, the house phone, a block, their toy remote, a shoe – gets brought up to their ear and they carry on the most animated conversations.  And then, of course, hand the phone off to the nearest grown-up so they can get in on the action.  Every time I see them doing it I get a flash of them as teenagers and lose my shit on the inside.

IMG_20151129_130355307 (1).jpg

Rosemane Maxine

23lbs 14oz




Rosy is definitely my child.  Her favorite thing to do – with anyone, any where, anytime, is to “read”.  She’ll run up to you with a book in her hands and insist on getting into your lap so she can babble on about the contents of said book, turning the pages and aggressively pointing to things she deems important.  Do not confuse this with her wanting YOU to read the book TO HER – nope, she has no interest in what you’re saying and will talk right over you, turning the pages willy-nilly based on her interpretation.  If all the adults in the vicinity are busy, or she just doesn’t feel  like cuddling, she’s been known to grab a book or magazine, sitting by herself and turning the pages, taking everything in at her own pace.


I also see flashes of myself in how frustrated she gets.  If she wants something, but can’t communicate – because, hey, she doesn’t have all her words yet – she quickly melts down into a puddle of screams and tears, and is pretty much impossible to console.  Sometimes it’s fairly obvious what’s wrong (it’s almost dinner or naptime, her sister just took a toy from her, she fell down), but other times it hits right out of the blue and I am at a total loss.  Trying to console her can be dangerous – she’ll push you away and even hit you to get some space while she loses her mind.  Even figuring out what she wanted – food, Sofia on tv, a drink of water – sometimes isn’t enough, and she’ll continue with her heartbreaking sniffling while she enjoys what you brought her.


Rosy’s BFF (besides her sister, obviously) is my grandfather, PopPop the Great.  He comes over every Sunday morning to see the girls, and she spends at least half the time he’s here in his lap, or sitting next to him.  He’s her first pick to read her stories – or let her read to him – and she loves stroking his face and chit chatting to him.  Whenever she’s reminded of his presence – like if he gets up to go to the bathroom, or he starts talking – she toddles over to him to be picked up so they can hang.  It’s really cute and it warms my cold, black heart to see them bonding like that.



Madeline Elizabeth 

23lbs 14oz


IMG_20151218_093344378.jpgIMG_20151204_132846855_HDR (1).jpg

Maddy will be the reason I have gray hairs and a heart attack before I’m thirty, I’m calling it now.  She has no. fear. of anything, at all.  Besides obviously being the first of the two to require the ER, her day-to-day life is one of a daredevil.  She’ll climb on anything, anywhere, anytime – the couches, dining room chairs, the stairs when my back is turned.  And it’s not enough to climb – this girl’s favorite activity is to climb up on the couch, get to her feet (already a no-no, obviously), wait till she sees me watching her, then run from one end of the couch to the other. #dead.  Anytime she’s doing something she knows she shouldn’t – standing on the couch, touching the Christmas tree, sitting on the coffee table – she’ll stare at me with an evil grin to make sure I’m watching her.  I guess daredevil-ing just isn’t as fun without a captive audience.


The only time she’s not completely fearless is around new people – whether they’re totally new or it’s just been a few weeks since she’s seen you (she reacts the exact same way to strangers in the store as she does to the people at her pediatricians office and even family member she hasn’t seen in 2 weeks or more).  She doesn’t cry, or even obviously cling to me (unless, of course, you try to remove her from my arms.  Then she loses her shit) but she mean mugs.  She just stares at you, with those gigantic eyes and a little put on her face, until you leave her alone.  She has the best poker face I’ve ever seen – it takes forever to break her.  But when you do, her smile lights up her whole face.


Besides her sister, Maddy has a strong bond with Brooklyn.  She loves playing with Brooklyn and giving her treats – and she has no problems pushing Brooklyn away if she finds herself getting annoyed – she was the first to bring STOP IT! into their vocabulary, after all.  But mostly she really seems to enjoy interacting with the dog – anytime we’re in the dining room, she’s bringing me the container of treats, wanting to give them to Brooklyn, and I’ve caught her “sharing” her snacks as well (holding it out to let the dog lick it before continuing to eat…ugh child!).  And the last few times we were outside playing (thanks global warming!) she really showed an interest in playing fetch – she can only throw the ball about a foot at this point, but she was having a grand old time doing it.

IMG_20151205_095718839 (1).jpgIMG_20151214_155403074 (1).jpg


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