The weather around here so far this month has been off-the-charts amazing.  It’s probably terrible from a worldwide perspective, but from a super selfish family-only perspective, it’s awesome.  BB and I are still walking the girls to and from school because it’s not too cold, and we can even take them outside to run around and play after we get home.

The running around playing is really awesome, because they’re finally big enough to really play.  They LOVE the slide, and have finally figured out that if you want to slide again you have to go around to the back of the play structure.  They’ve realized that there’s more to the play structure than just the slide, and have been having a blast going through the tunnel and peeking through the openings to see what they can see.  They have started trying to play fetch with Brooklyn and instigating games of chase with me.

Overall, our playtimes in the back yard are much more actual play times and much less frantically-stop-them-from-eating-everything-in-sight times.  And that’s really the dream isn’t it??

IMG_20151204_134209092_HDR (1).jpg


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