For Christmas, one of BB’s sisters from out of state sent up money for the girls, suggesting that we buy their gifts from her.  Immediately I decreed that rather than more clothes to shove into their already-bulging drawers or more toys to round out the already-overflowing chests (seriously, we have insanely generous families and friends) that I wanted to do something with them – take them out and give them an experience.  We decided to take them to the aquarium – I love aquariums, and I thought they’d be a good age to bring them.

I was right.  They were a great age (albeit exhausting).  We also brought our 9-year-old nephew, and he was amazing with the girls & everyone had a great time.  Maddy loved playing with the nets over the turtle exhibit, watching the seals roll around on the floor of their tank like Brooklyn, and going up and down the stairs.  Rosy really loved the eels & the snakes, the blacklight-lit coral reef tank, and running up to total strangers and waving or trying to kiss them.  They both loved the penguins, and if they could speak English, probably would have joined BB in asking me if they could have one. All in all it was a great day.



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