I’m not really excelling as a mom of toddlers.  I know it may be kind of early to tell, since at 18 months they’re barely qualified as toddlers, but I think I was definitely better as a mom of newborns / infants.  The issue is that being a mom of toddlers requires a somewhat infinite amount of patience – and I have never been someone with an overabundance of that particular virtue.  Being a mom of toddlers means there is a lot of repetition in my day – both in terms of how long it takes to get something simple done, and in playing the same simple games for what seems like hours on end.  Sometimes it just wears on me and I find it difficult to not take my frustration out on the girls (by like, raising my voice, not by hitting them or anything).  I understand that they’re learning how to be in the world and they get frustrated and I try to be aware of that and try to control my reactions accordingly, but when one of them is going boneless and having a full on hissy fit over being told for the seventeenth time this morning not to touch the Christmas tree while the other one is standing up on the couch daring me to stop her, it can be hard to resist the urge to hide in the bathroom.



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