Sweet Moments

IMG_20160131_152420244.jpgRaising twins is hard.  You’re never going to hear me deny that fact or try to minimize it.  Since the moment they were born, they’ve been competing – for attention, for affection, for food and toys.  It’s exhausting to be in the middle of.  But it’s also really, really adorable and sweet, because they’re growing up as best friends and partners in crime.  Hearing them giggle and chatter nonsense at each other never fails to make me smile (even when they’re supposed to be napping) and sissy snuggles erases all memories of “don’t hit your sister!” and fighting over the same toy / my lap / their breakfast.


It’s moments like this that make all the moments when I struggle, holding onto my patience by a thread, totally worthwhile.  Because I know what it’s like to have a sister who has my back no matter what, and it’s a really good feeling.  I’m thrilled to see the beginnings of that type of relationship budding between the girls.




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