Valentines Day


I forgot to get Valentine’s Day cards / gifts for the girls school.  It’s my first time forgetting about something for school – we made food for and showed up to the Thanksgiving dinner, I put together cute Holiday gifts for all the teachers before Winter break – but damn I forgot about Valentine’s Day.

In fairness, I didn’t actually forget about Valentine’s Day.  My plan was to buy the stuff over the weekend, and send them to school Monday with a little gift for each teacher and a little card for each student in their class (there’s 4 teachers in the school and only 3 other kids in their class, so it’s not all that ambitious).  But!  There is no school Monday – because Presidents – so they aren’t going back till Wednesday.

I’m still going to make something up and send it in, but now I feel like it needs to be extra cute to make up for the lateness.  Le sigh.  I was doing so well, too.



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