Dressing Games

So far, the girls aren’t super interested in most of the dress up clothes.  Probably because it’s just too difficult to play with – they can’t dress themselves yet, so putting on princess dresses is still beyond them.  But they love playing with the accessories – like the train conductors whistle and the stethoscope. They’re […]


Suddenly my girls are noticing the difference between having someone’s attention and not having it.  Obviously, they’ve been aware of the idea of attention for a while – if they wanted it and didn’t have it, they would have a hissy fit.  But now, I’m noticing something more…purposeful going on.  They’re starting to notice when people […]

Valentines Day

I forgot to get Valentine’s Day cards / gifts for the girls school.  It’s my first time forgetting about something for school – we made food for and showed up to the Thanksgiving dinner, I put together cute Holiday gifts for all the teachers before Winter break – but damn I forgot about Valentine’s Day. […]


There’s a lot of discussion about what’s important as a parent – you need to give your child attention, but give them enough alone time to foster independence and creativity, and you need to provide for them materially and financially, but you still need to prioritize your child above your job when they need you, […]

Sweet Moments

Raising twins is hard.  You’re never going to hear me deny that fact or try to minimize it.  Since the moment they were born, they’ve been competing – for attention, for affection, for food and toys.  It’s exhausting to be in the middle of.  But it’s also really, really adorable and sweet, because they’re growing […]

Snow Day(s)

Last weekend, we got hit with a blizzard.  In some parts of the state, it hit with near-Sandy levels of intensity, leaving floods and downed power lines in it’s wake.  By us it was just 24 hours of snow and wind (thankfully).  Said snow is still here – despite several days of frankly warm weather […]