Since I’m such a goddamn perfectionist, while also managing to be one of the laziest goddamn people I know, I knew motherhood would be…difficult for me.  I figure what better way to deal with my mental anguish at not being the perfect Lorelai Gilmore-perfect mother (I realize that June Cleaver is the usual reference here, […]

Here In The Meadowlands, Where The Mosquitoes Grow Big As Airplanes

Like many things in my life, my relationship with the Garden State Parkway is a complicated one.  On one hand, I hate it.  Like, with the type of burning, fiery, passionate hatred people reserve for the leaders of the opposite political party.  Everybody knows about it, so everybody takes it, so it takes approximately thirty […]


Every once in a while I feel the need to spill my guts.  I hate having secrets.  I truly do. So, when I first started hunkering down for Hurricane Sandy, I started writing down my five biggest reading and writing confessions to share with the interwebs.  Of course, then my power went out like five hours before the storm […]