Suddenly my girls are noticing the difference between having someone’s attention and not having it.  Obviously, they’ve been aware of the idea of attention for a while – if they wanted it and didn’t have it, they would have a hissy fit.  But now, I’m noticing something more…purposeful going on.  They’re starting to notice when people […]


You always know it’s coming.  First you have a newborn, then you have a baby, then you have a toddler.  It’s a pretty simple progression.  And you’ll think you’re pretty prepared.  After all, ever since you got preganant you’ve had people warning you about the “terrible twos” and “threenagers” and how sassy they become.  About […]


Thanksgiving weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the whole entire year.  First of all, I think every weekend should be a 4 day weekend, because it gives us plenty of family time and friends time and relaxing time all at once.  Two day weekends are just too stressful trying to fit everything in. […]

The Great Binkie Caper 2015

Pacifiers are kind of controversial.  You’ve got people who aren’t into them: on one side people who blame them for nipple confusion and breastfeeding troubles and people who worry about taking them away and their effect on children’s teeth; on the other people who would rather deal with those issues in exchange for a few […]

Monday Again

Good Morning Monday!  Where did you come from?  The summer is simply going by much too fast for my liking – it seems like every week is sprinting and every weekend is flying!  I just put my phone down on Friday afternoon and then it’s suddenly Monday morning again.  Incredible how that happens. The theme […]


I hate when my babies are sick. Doesn’t everybody?  It’s probably the worst feeling in the world, as a parent, to know your baby doesn’t feel well and know that there’s very little you can do about it.  All you can do is snuggle them and give them medicine (approved by the doctor) and hope […]


2,923 days ago we got the news that you were gone.  And a big, jagged hole took up residency inside of me.  And the edges were sharp and the emptiness was painful, but as time went on the edges became dull and I got used to maneuvering around the hole. But now, I’m noticing that […]

Weekend Update

It was a long weekend, ya’ll (I only say ya’ll on the internet.  Never ever in real life.  Just thought you should know).  I worked from home on Thursday, which is unusual, because everyone else was out of the office for one reason or another, so no reason for me to go in.  Which means […]


This morning, I was scrolling through the Harry Potter tag on Pinterest while I drank my coffee (whatever, you wake up your way I’ll wake up mine) and I realized that I post about Harry Potter wayyyy more frequently than I post about my children.  Which may leave the impression that I think about or […]