Dressing Games

So far, the girls aren’t super interested in most of the dress up clothes.  Probably because it’s just too difficult to play with – they can’t dress themselves yet, so putting on princess dresses is still beyond them.  But they love playing with the accessories – like the train conductors whistle and the stethoscope. They’re […]

Valentines Day

I forgot to get Valentine’s Day cards / gifts for the girls school.  It’s my first time forgetting about something for school – we made food for and showed up to the Thanksgiving dinner, I put together cute Holiday gifts for all the teachers before Winter break – but damn I forgot about Valentine’s Day. […]

Sweet Moments

Raising twins is hard.  You’re never going to hear me deny that fact or try to minimize it.  Since the moment they were born, they’ve been competing – for attention, for affection, for food and toys.  It’s exhausting to be in the middle of.  But it’s also really, really adorable and sweet, because they’re growing […]


For Christmas, one of BB’s sisters from out of state sent up money for the girls, suggesting that we buy their gifts from her.  Immediately I decreed that rather than more clothes to shove into their already-bulging drawers or more toys to round out the already-overflowing chests (seriously, we have insanely generous families and friends) […]


The weather around here so far this month has been off-the-charts amazing.  It’s probably terrible from a worldwide perspective, but from a super selfish family-only perspective, it’s awesome.  BB and I are still walking the girls to and from school because it’s not too cold, and we can even take them outside to run around […]