So, last month, while I was off work for a week and a half for Christmas, we did sleep training with the girls.  Before that, we were in a pattern that was NOT sustainable.  We put them to bed around 7:30, they were up around 10, generally back in their cribs, then up again around […]


As the girls enter the second half of their first year on earth, I’m becoming more and more obsessed with remembering.  I don’t think I ever believed anyone who told me they’d grow up so fast – after all, they’re babies for freaking ever, right?  But at seven months old, we’ve already moved through the […]

Lucky Number Seven

Seven months.  We’re officially closer to one year than we are to their birth.  TERRIFYING.  I often wonder how nobody has stepped in to correct the obviously egregious mistake that led to me being the mother of two.  But then I look at my babies and find myself completely besotted and unable to begin to […]